As a valued client of The WELL, your health while receiving services and taking classes is of the utmost importance to us. Below, you will find our Preparedness Plan to keep you and our practitioners and instructors safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our Wellness Center and community, and we understand that this will require full cooperation among our practitioners, instructors, management, and clients. Only through this cooperative effort can we establish and maintain the safety and health of our community both at The Well and in our state.

Our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan follows the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines, federal OSHA standards related to COVID-19, and Executive Order 20-48.

Practitioner and Instructor Health & Hygiene

Any client or student who may be feeling ill, or possibly experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 are asked to refrain from entering The WELL and to speak with a medical professional.

Practitioners and Instructors have been informed of and encouraged to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and to stay home if they are exhibiting these symptoms. If symptoms occur at work, all staff will be asked to leave for 24-hours so thorough disinfection can be completed.

Our practitioners and instructors are encouraged to wash their hands often throughout their time at The WELL, or use hand sanitizer appropriately, especially after client interactions.

Non-medical cloth face coverings are available for staff to wear, but we will not require our practitioners, instructors, clients, or students to wear face masks or non-medical cloth face coverings. If there is a client that would prefer we wear a non-medical cloth face covering during a treatment or session, we are happy to oblige...


Physical Distancing

Physical  distancing will be followed whenever possible with staff to staff interactions and staff to client interactions. The following items have been implemented to ensure safe social distancing:


-Our 4 public restrooms are divided between practitioner offices and instructor studios and their individual clients/students so as to minimize the risk of contact.

-The WELL is open, however, our door will remain locked and we are not taking walk-ins. As much as we miss seeing you and love when you stop in if you don’t have an appointment or class scheduled please wait to visit us until later in the summer (: Namastesixfeetaway (just for now;)

-If you don’t need an appointment and would like to purchase a gift certificate or other retail items please call or email to set up a time we can meet you to make this exchange. 

-Clients and students will be allowed in at the time of their appointment or class. Our lobbies and water coolers are closed for now. Individual client appointments and classes will be spread out by our practitioners so as to minimize contact points and allow time for cleaning in between.

-Clients will enter through our Minnesota Street door and then traffic will be directed between the interior doors directly to the appropriate practitioner’s office for their appointment. Because our practitioners hold different rules and guidelines regarding their licensure body, each will abide by their individual profession’s recommendations regarding PPE, physical contact, and treatment modifications.

-Practitioners and Instructors will not share protective equipment, phones, computer equipment, desks, cubicles, workstations, offices, or other personal work tools and equipment. We will stay in our individual offices and will sanitize any shared spaces as needed.

-Students attending any future classes will be asked to bring their own weights, yoga mats, water, blankets, and bolsters. We are sorry for this inconvenience but it is important for the safety of all clients and instructors that our water cooler and wellness center equipment remains unavailable for this time. Please contact us if this provides a hardship to you so we can find assistance. 


-Restrooms will be cleaned after used.

-Sanitation wipes will be available throughout the wellness center.

-After our last practitioner or class instructor leaves sanitation details which include cleaning and disinfecting of shared surface, floors, restrooms, break rooms, all light switches, and door handles.

-Once a week general cleaning has been professionally hired out.

We hope this plan helps to ensure your comfort and facilitates a healing environment during your time at The WELL. Please be patient with us as, like all of you, this is new territory for us to navigate. 

NUWC COVID-19 Preparedness Plan